A shirtless man who was wanted by police in San Fernando Valley, California, for a robbery, as well as grand theft auto, led officers on a pursuit through the town while he was behind the wheel of a golf cart Sunday night.

The pursuit, according to the Los Angeles Police Department, began near 18700 Ventura Boulevard just after 9pm, and ended roughly 10 miles away near Oxnard Street and Laurel Canyon around 9:44pm.

Video of the pursuit showed the shirtless suspect driving a golf cart marked with a "Security" decal on the side as it weaved through traffic, driving into the oncoming traffic lanes as multiple patrol cars followed behind. The man had a dog in his lap the entire time.

KTLA 5 via YouTube
KTLA 5 via YouTube

The footage also showed people out in the street taking pictures and videos as he passed by them.

Eventually, the shirtless and shoeless suspect ditched the golf cart and attempted to flee police on foot while carrying the dog. He was tackled in the parking lot of a business in the area and taken into custody.

“Don’t drink, don’t do drugs, be a better person,” the man was heard shouting at cameras as he was placed in the back of a patrol vehicle.

Check out the helicopter's angle:

KTLA reported that it was unsure if the golf cart was stolen or where it was originally from, and it's also unknown if alcohol or drugs were a factor in the incident.

KTLA via YouTube
KTLA via YouTube

Officers placed the dog into the back of a police car, where it was taken to a nearby city-operated animal shelter.

The dog is innocent in the ordeal, and will not be facing any charges from the city.

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