Two new studies on our drunken shopping habits just came out. One looked at all the stuff we buy, and the other one focused on food. Here are seven stats on how we shop and eat when we're drunk...

  1. 26% of us admit to buying stuff we wouldn't, just because we've been drinking. That's actually way down from last year, when 46% of people said they do it.
  2. The top five unnecessary purchases we make while drunk are food, clothes, cigarettes, lottery tickets or online gambling, and movies or DVDs.
  3. Our five favorite drunk foods are pizza, chips, fries, nachos, and tacos.
  4. The top foods that we think taste better when we're drunk are pizza, fast food, chicken wings, chips, and fries.
  5. 69% of us admit we're more likely to choose unhealthy foods when we're drunk.
  6. Over half of us usually regret our eating choices the next day. The top three reasons are the calories, the stomach issues, and the mess it creates.
  7. 40% of people who eat when they're drunk said they've woken up with food in their bed. 1 in 5 have found food in odd places like the bathtub, or in a closet, and a third have left the fridge open all night.

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