Eating at a restaurant requires a little bit of make-believe. You know weird and disgusting stuff goes on in that kitchen, but you pretend it doesn't. And this isn't going to help.

(Photo by Fox Photos/Getty Images)

The Food Network just surveyed a bunch of chefs around the country, and 75% of them said they'd seen roaches in their kitchen. 13% have seen someone intentionally mess with food that someone sent back.

Half have worked sick and a quarter have used the "five-second rule" and cooked something they dropped on the floor. Bon appétit! Here are more secrets they revealed in the survey:

  1. The most popular fast food for chefs is Wendy's.
  2. The definition of "vegetarian" is flexible. 15% say their vegetarian dishes contain at least a little meat.
  3. They don't recommend ordering pasta or chicken, which are the most overpriced and least interesting things on the menu.
  4. 60% wish they were celebrities with their own cooking shows.
  5. 75% steal ideas from other restaurants' menus.

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