Skid Row was my first concert.  Palmer Auditorium, 1992.  Slave to the Grind was the album they were touring on and it's still one of my favorites.  But their first album holds a special place because, like most, it was my introduction to the band.

I still have the cassette tape that I rocked to back then.  Which makes me wonder what purpose it's serving and maybe I can just let it go.  I've got the CD and streaming capabilities.

But I guess nostalgia is a powerful thing.  It's why we, the fans, want the original band back together...and probably why the original band doesn't want to play with Sebastian.

Either see the original singer belt out these great songs after 30 years will be amazing.  You can see Sebastian Bach at the Q Casino in Dubuque this Satuday.

In a statement from Bach: "In 1989 we put out the first record 'Skid Row'. 30 years later, people still dig the music we created in a garage all those years ago. In commemoration of this 30th Anniversary digital deluxe release, my band is going to perform the first Skid Row record, in its entirety, on the road, LIVE this fall! It's going to be fun to do something that has never been done live before! We are looking forward to seeing you all for this one time event! Note: This concert is 100% live in every way! All real! All the time! No tapes! No fakes! Come and see a real rock band while they still exist! We give it to you straight from the heart 'cuz that's the only way we know how! See you on the road!"

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