Admitting that his years as a rock 'n' roll frontman have had a physical impact on an undisclosed part of his anatomy, Sebastian Bach told fans he's undergoing a surgical procedure today.

Bach broke the news in a Facebook post yesterday, writing, "Tomorrow morning I go in for surgery. This is the first surgery that I have had since I got my nose broke at the Mötley Crüe show. Don't worry, the anesthetist has been warned! I'm kind of nervous but that's how it goes I guess."

As Bach recounted in his memoir, he suffered a broken nose at a concert on Crüe's 1997 tour in support of Generation Swine after he accidentally elbowed a biker who responded by grabbing him by the hair and decking him. The circumstances this time around sound a lot less violent — and the former Skid Row singer has assured fans it shouldn't affect his voice.

"This surgery has nothing to do with my voice, or my throat, at all, but it is singing related," he continued. "After years of doing what I do, rock 'n' roll has taken a toll on a part of my body, and tomorrow I am going to get it fixed. Wish me luck! I'll see you on tour."

Whatever the procedure entails, Bach seems like he'll be on the mend relatively quickly. He's scheduled to embark on his next round of tour dates in late October, when he heads to Australia for a handful of shows.

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