Sean Moeller of Daytrotter paid a visit to the Rock N Roll Mansion to explain how he's able to get big name music acts into his recording studio and to offer a free subscription for anyone in the Quad Cities.

If you would like you free subscription to Daytrotter, just send an email to with subject "QC" to get hooked up.

Here's a quick blurb about Sean and Daytrotter from WQAD:

For nearly nine years now, there’s been a slight increase in traffic on 18th Street in downtown Rock Island– vans mostly, but every now and again, a massive tour bus is parked there just off 3rd Avenue, and then, a couple hours later, the van or bus or car with a trunk packed full of instruments is gone.

Day after day, some of the most acclaimed bands and musicians in the world (and plenty of relative unknowns) have pulled into the Quad Cities, walked through an unmarked door and up some rickety stairs just off the Mighty Mississippi, plugged in, recorded four songs, unplugged, walked back to the street below and left town.