I found this video recently.  IT's actually an old video.  13 years old actually.  So, safe to say the subject of this video is in puppy heaven.

Let's all take a moment of silence for Miles, the pug.

Anyway...it's a great video of this dog that is screaming insanely trying to get away from it's owner who is holding him back from chasing their daughter.  Then when they let him go he hauls ass and attacks her viciously. Or maybe I'm thinking of that video of Dwyer and the police dog.

Either way, I've got a puggle...which is part pug, part beagle, part police siren. His name is Sid.  Known as Sid Vicious by the person he's licking to death.

Every time someone knocks on our door...or drives down our road...or if there's a dog on the TV...or if someone talks too loud in the next room...or he thinks he hears any of those things despite the lack of it actually happening in real life...he whines a whine that we always say sounds like an old lady that is balancing on the side of a building above flames shooting out the window.  Like there's firemen down below 10 stories up with one of those circle catcher things you see in Looney Tunes cartoons.

It's a whine that will be missed when it's gone...but holy crap is it annoying now.  So, here's to Miles the Screaming Pug Rocket.  I wish Sid could've met you.  The two of you would've made quite a team.

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