JR Girskis Jr is asking for the Scouting community's support during a Bettendorf School Board meeting this week as he pushes to keep Cub Scout programs in the elementary schools within the district.

"Current policy has a very narrow path to get information out to the parents," JR wrote on Facebook, asking for support as he asks for more access to parents for youth civic programs. "This policy has resulted in the near collapse of the Bettendorf Cub Scout program."

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The overall hope is to "Let parents volunteers, professional scouting executives and other youth civic groups distribute information to the students and other parents in the Bettendorf Community. Other school districts distribute information in this manner. Parents should be able to coordinate directly with principals & PTA/PTOs of elementary schools without undue hindrances."

In his post, JR explains that there has been a drop in membership in Bettendorf elementary schools, which leads to a drop in attendance of higher-level Scouting down the road.

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"Bettendorf used to be the premier district for scouting. Membership at our elementary schools is down to 77 students. This is due to the lack of access to the youth and their parents. In previous years we would do scout talks in the lunchrooms, when requested in the classrooms and parents would be able to have tables at the biggest night of the year...unpack your backpack night. Since these district policy changes...membership is all but gone."

During the meeting, he's asking for any and all available youth and adult Scouts to show their support by coming to the Bettendorf School Board Meeting, and sit in the front while wearing Class A uniforms.

The meeting takes place at 6pm on August 24th at the Bettendorf School District Administration Center at 3311 18th Street, Bettendorf.

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