We've done the brewed. We've done the reviewed. And now it's time for the debut.

I told you last week that the unveiling of the winning beer from Bent River Brewing Company's homebrew contest, Brewed, Reviewed, & Debuted would be coming up in a couple weeks (June 22nd).

I also told you that there's a chance to score some exclusive and limited edition merch. While $5 will get you in the door, a commemorative t-shirt, AND your pint of the "Slam Dunkelweizen" there is a chance for some upgrades.

For $20 you get an entry and you'll also get this sa-weet Bent River Brewing Company button-up work shirt. You'll then have an option to purchase a bomber of the beer as well.

For $30, you'll get entry into the event, the commemorative button-up work shirt from Bent River Brewing Company AND you'll also get the a guaranteed bomber of the beer.

We'll see you at Bent River Brewing Company's Rock Island location Saturday June 22 from 4-6 pm for the unveiling of the Slam Dunkelweizen.

Here's a look at the work shirt. If you'd like to get in on it and/or be guaranteed a bomber please fill out the form below.

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Register For Brewed, Reviewed, & Debuted Party

The Brewed, Reviewed, & Debuted unveiling party is coming up and we have some goodies for you. Of course you can show up day of and get in the door, but if you'd like to guarantee that you get a bomber and/or a Brewed, Reviewed, & Debuted work shirt register below. Don't pay now, your shirts will be at Bent River Brewing Company on the day of.
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