We've done the brewed. We've done the reviewed. And now it's time for the debut.

I told you last week that the unveiling of the winning beer from Bent River Brewing Company's homebrew contest, Brewed, Reviewed, & Debuted would be coming up in a couple weeks (June 22nd).

I also told you that there's a chance to score some exclusive and limited edition merch. While $5 will get you in the door, a commemorative t-shirt, AND your pint of the "Slam Dunkelweizen" there is a chance for some upgrades.

For $20 you get an entry and you'll also get this sa-weet Bent River Brewing Company button-up work shirt. You'll then have an option to purchase a bomber of the beer as well.

For $30, you'll get entry into the event, the commemorative button-up work shirt from Bent River Brewing Company AND you'll also get the a guaranteed bomber of the beer.

We'll see you at Bent River Brewing Company's Rock Island location Saturday June 22 from 4-6 pm for the unveiling of the Slam Dunkelweizen.

Here's a look at the work shirt. If you'd like to get in on it and/or be guaranteed a bomber please fill out the form below.

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