Back 10 to 13 years ago when my wife was pregnant we got her some non-alcoholic beer so she could pretend she was still part of the party.  However anything we tried was not very good.  It was a super light, not refreshing, and she ended up leaving the rest of the six pack in the fridge to get dumped eventually.

Some scientists in Denmark say they've figured out how to make non-alcoholic beer taste exactly like the real thing.

Normally, they remove the alcohol by heating the beer up, or letting it ferment less.  But that tends to make it taste kind of flat and watery (which this reporter can vouch for).  The new method involves adding molecules called monoterpenoids that adds back in the hoppy flavor that real beer has.

They claim it's a "game changer."  They say it could be ready for public consumption by October.

Now, there is a craft beer company called Athletic Brewing out of Stratford, Connecticut.  They have made their mark on the brewing world by producing high quality non-alcoholic craft beer.

According to, "the brewery has been using a secret patent-pending method to produce some of the most noteworthy alcohol-free beers the world has ever seen."  They are also around 80 calories a piece which makes me think they might be a little light when you're craving a thick stout.

So, maybe these Denmark scientist have come up with something worth taking home.  Or at the very least give us beer lovers an actual option while we're playing D.D. for the night.

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