If you're dumping someone, is it better to break it to them gently, or just come right out and say it? According to a new study, the gentle approach is very overrated.


Researchers at BYU gave 145 people a bunch of 'bad news' scenarios. In almost every situation, they said they'd prefer it if the person was straightforward, honest, and fairly blunt about it. Softening it just makes it harder on them.

That doesn't mean you should just blurt it out with no warning though. Ideally, you want to give them a few seconds to realize they're about to get bad news. Then be blunt.

A lame line like "we need to talk" is good enough. You just need to clue them into the fact that bad news is coming. Then follow it up with something straightforward like, "This isn't working. I think we should break up."

The study found that beating around the bush any more than that can make it easier on you, but not the person you're breaking up with. So if you drag it out, you're actually being selfish.

The same thing also applies for other types of bad news. Like if you have to fire someone, it's better to just be straightforward about it.

And we don't want any sort of buffer if we're getting bad news about our health. We just want the doctor to give us the facts, and be upfront about it.

Read more at EurekAlert.

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