I'm not sure anyone needs another reason to drink coffee, my current reason of "it's the only thing making me a functional member of society and without it I'd murder you all" seems strong enough. But here you go anyway.

Give me some more of that

According to two new studies that were just published in the "Annals of Internal Medicine" journal, people who drink coffee live linger.

A study out of the University of Southern California looked at 185,000 Americans over 16 years, and found that people who regularly drank coffee had lower death rates. This was especially true for people who drank at least four cups a day.

The other study, out of Europe, looked at 520,000 people in 16 countries over 16 years, and found the exact same thing.

The researchers believe it's all thanks to the antioxidants in coffee, not even the caffeine, because even decaf drinkers lived longer than other people.

So can we say for sure that coffee is good for you? A professor at Johns Hopkins University says he's not willing to go that far yet, but "the basic idea is that we are increasingly reassured that coffee is not harmful."

Read more at ABC News.

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