A 21-year-old hot dog vendor has been arrested for the stabbing of a person after an alleged turf war between out-of-town vendors came to a head outside of Petco Park Saturday night.

San Diego police responded to 10th and K street in Downtown San Diego around 10:30pm Saturday following reports of a large brawl involving 10-15 people, according to an officer on scene.

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Duke Dumont played at Petco Park before the incident was reported, drawing a few thousand people meaning a quick opportunity to make some money for food vendors to catch people leaving the concert looking for a snack.

As tempers flared, witnesses said hot dog vendors from the Los Angeles area were set up in areas where San Diego hot dog vendors typically sling food, and a physical altercation of territory ensued.

In a press release, San Diego police told CBS 8 that a group of food vendors had gotten into an argument that rose to the point of a stabbing.

Multiple people had to be treated on scene by the San Diego Fire-Rescue Department after police said they deployed pepper spray.

The male victim who was stabbed was transported to an area hospital with non-life-threatening injuries, and 21-year-old Yoni Yanes was taken into custody in relation to the stabbing.

It's unknown if the vendors had the right permits to sell in the area, or if anyone was supposed to be selling food in that area that night.

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