The history of the Quad Cities is absolutely stunning.  And Rock Island has some major things that people don't necessarily think about all the time.

The Rock Island Line railroad was written about as a folk song & eventually recorded by Johnny Cash.

Rock Island had its hands in the history of the NFL with the Rock Island Independents.

Tom Hanks did a movie called "Road To Perdition" set in the great depression and built around Rock Island mobster, John Rooney.

In fact, my favorite stories are those that are told about the 1920's & 30's during prohibition.  There's something about that era.  The clothes, the cars, the's the best era to watch on film for sure.  It can easily paint a picture of what was going on in the world at that time.

So, Skellington Manor is doing something fun.  You know them as the "Terror @ Skellington Manor" haunted house around Halloween time...but they've got a beautiful event space and are using it for murder mysteries and more

Including this new game happening Friday, July 30th at 8pm

"Prohibition" is a large group “Clue” game where you get to dress up, use your brain power AND have some fun with friends! Themed in the 1920s prohibition era, your team will help the “Boss” identify the snitch (the dirty rat) who’s getting all the local juice joints shut down. Can your team save the party? Cash bar for 21+ and appetizers included.

Check out for more information about this unique event center.

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Ghost In Our Iowa Basement?

As a radio station, we have a lot of people here who have seen some scary stuff. Do you see any ghosts in these photos? I can't, but I also don't know what to look for.

This Isn't The First Face Caught On Camera Here!
In September of 2020 the band "Pit Lord" came to the building to shoot a music video. They shot it in the basement and for a split second in the recording, you can make out a face of what looks to be a woman. You can see that video here.

With a history of ghosts, it's safe to say the basement of our building is CREEPY!

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