There's always been a running joke about how men can be mad enough to fight each other, beating one another to a pulp, but then you'll see them immediately walking away as new best friends.

A video shared by Barstool Sports this weekend showed exactly that.

Some sort of incident spawned two drivers to get very mad and exit their vehicles to participate in fisticuffs.

"Are you done?" one fighter kept asking as he had ahold of the other guy by his neck.

"Yeah, bro," the other fighter responds.

"I'm done." the winner says.

The two reach down to pick up their belongings off of the road, and the guy who lost extended his hand, saying "Hey, good fight."

I've seen enough videos of people's limp, unconscious bodies taking kicks to the head, so I don't fight anyone anymore if I can help it, but if true mutual combat is making a comeback, that's pretty cool.

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