Ringo Starr celebrated his 75th birthday yesterday by spreading a message of peace and love. He's one year closer to his goal of outliving Paul McCartney, then shouting to the world, "Who's your favorite Beatle now, a-holes???"

Starr is once again inviting people around the world to celebrate with #peaceandlove. At noon, on his 75th birthday, he appeared outside Capitol Records -- Periscoping on his cell phone -- to get the word out. The former Beatle has been happily doing this since 2005.

"Life is good," Starr said. "Life is for the living. The more peace and love and meditation I bring into my life, the better I feel."

So, if you want to send Ringo some "peace and love" you need to use a hashtag. Fan mail hasn't been allowed for a few years: