The playing styles and influences in Richie Kotzen's resume are dizzying and numerous.  Added to that arsenal is his latest album, Salting Earth, which is fresh from the kitchen as of April 14th. Richie is bringing a blistering show to Rascals Live Tonight (May 3) for a can't miss showcase that will also include Brandon Gibbs.

Salting Earth is filled with fuzzy, effects-spewing licks that won't disappoint any of his fans from even his earliest days, but when the naked notes of his guitar on Divine Power fill the room, it's like you just saw the sexiest girl ever at're thankful for it and feel guilty for wanting more all at the same time.  But the awesome music wasn't even the reason I'm writing this.

I learned recently from an article in Motor Trend that Kotzen is somewhat of a car enthusiast.  Having been a Jaguar fan early on (and learning what all us former Jag owners know, that eventually she's just too expensive and problematic) that converted to the 911, Richie might start to sound like the typical rockstar exotic roll-a-dex when it comes to his garage. But he's no David Coverdale, preferring to stomp around in his Ram 1500 daily.  Hell he even still has a Jeep Commander (so HE'S the one!)

Just like his guitar playing, his taste in cars and driving experiences is varied and deliberate. All this time I just thought he was a badass with a guitar...turns out he's a driver too.  Here's to the open road, Mr. Kotzen!

Don't miss his show at Rascals tonight!


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