I'm always looking for ways to retire sooner. If I could start a Ponzi scheme or even new one one was I give that a whirl.

I've always wanted to be a millionaire. This isn't something new I've decided on. I've thought long and hard about it and... yeah, I'd like to be a millionaire.  Not exactly sure how you go about it, but it usually seems like one would have to come across some small new invention. Ya know...if you don't actually want to do hard work.

Like for instance, if I were to invent a new rivet system for all the porta-potties in all the land, but only my porta potty rivets would do. Only my porta potty rivets would hold up to the torture and treacherous conditions in and around the porta-potty. Then I would market those rivets to all the porta potty manufacturers and become a millionaire.

Now I'm pretty sure all those rivets in their current state are just fine. But I know there's something out there right now that is just sitting and waiting for me to make money on it.

If anybody has any ideas on how I could become a millionaire just let me know.


Sean Gallup / Getty Images