It takes a lot of courage to stand up to a robber and put your life on the line even if you think the weapon they're holding is fake. Kequi Wang of Norfolk, Virginia has that courage.

Sunday night, a man walked in to Crazy Wings and pointed a gun at Wang, demanding that she open the cash register. Wang, the owner of the restaurant, was not about to let this guy leave with any money.

She grabbed the barrel of the gun, refusing to let go of it. That's when he husband, Lin, came from the kitchen and slashed the assailant in the back with a cleaver. The two then chased the man, later identified as 19-year-old Jabri Brown, out of the building.

Wang told the local news station that she thought the gun was a fake. Which makes what she does next hilarious. For whatever reason, Wang pointed the gun at the ground and pulled the trigger, confirming that the weapon was in fact real.

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