I'm always missing out on these.

According to the National UFO Reporting Center there was a UFO spotted over Davenport on March 16th. It was just reported so whoever saw it has been sitting on the info.

They go on to describe the incident:

4 bright white lights moving above Davenport and changing direction in unison

Three bright white circular objects/lights moving close together from east to southwest. I watched for about 20 seconds, noticed they weren’t moving like jets, airplanes, satellites, meteors...they left no trails and remained bright white. Then, I saw the 4th bright white light quite a bit behind the others- still in the eastern sky heading the same direction as the other 3. I looked back at the 3 moments before they curved gently toward the northwestern sky. The 4th continued towards the area where the 3 changed direction. Pink clouds blocked the remainder of this curious event.

The event lasted a few minutes so there has to be someone else out there that saw it too.

That same night there was also a UFO incident East of here in Batavia, IL. There's no link between the two events but there are some similarities. From NUFORC:

Three lights, arranged in such as manner as to portray a submarine, only in my field of view for about thirty seconds or less,real big.

I was video chatting with my friend, when I heard this strange, low rumble. Kind of like a toned-down jet sound. I looked out my window and happened to touch my window, and it was vibrating softly. I didn't see much, considering it was nighttime, but I saw three green lights, I believe they were all green. The thing was much too large to be a helicopter and wasn't a plane, I don't think, if I didn't know better I'd say it was a giant flying submarine. There was one light in front, one in the middle a little higher up than the others, and one in the back. It seemed to be headed southeasterly from where I live.

It seems weird that there were two events on the same night so close together. Did anyone else witness anything?

The truth is out there.

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