On this date in 1977, we lost the founder of the rock band T. Tex.   Marc Bolan, who always feared vehicles and never got a drivers license, died in an auto accident as a passenger just before his 30th birthday.  Two common myths to dispel... First he was NOT the cousin or brother of TOMMY BOLIN (who was born in Iowa) as their names are spelled differently (Bolan/Bolin)  and Second, he was not gay.  He was Glam Rock all the way, but it had nothing to do with his sexuality.

After his death, there were hundreds of tributes to him, of all sizes.  Anything from a fellow musician wearing a Shirt with a related logo... to songs, albums, books and videos touching on some of his work.  If you hear "Jeepster" today on the 5:00 Punch-out ... you'll know it's in his memory.  That'll be my salute to you, T. Rex fans!