A little over a week ago, Snickers' made headlines by setting the World's Largest Candy Bar record. They made a Snickers bar that measured to be two feet high and twenty six inches wide. It equals out to being the equivalent size of 43,000 Snickers bars put together, and weighs 3500 lbs.


Not even a week letter, in possibly the pettiest PR stunt of the decade, Reese's shattered that record. Their bar, in total, is 9 feet long, 2 feet high, and 5.5 feet wide. Its weight shatters the Snickers bar at 5,942 lbs.


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🙌 Repost from @guinnessworldrecords • The nature of record-breaking is quite competitive, that’s why we’re not surprised that just after Snickers broke the record for the largest chocolate nut bar, @Reese’s has taken that title with their Take 5 bar! Adding pretzels, caramel, and peanut butter to reflect the ingredients of the standard size Take 5 candy, they broke the record by a staggering 1,215 pounds, bringing the final total to be 5,943 pounds. Reese’s wanted to make a splash in their advertising spot for Sunday’s big game – so they felt the only way to do this was to literally “go big”. They definitely succeeded! 🍫 ———————————————— #guinnessworldrecords #reeses #candy #take5 #chocolate #caramel #peanutbutter #pretzels #tasty

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There's Popeye's level petty, when you debut your competing chicken sandwich on your rival's day off, and then there's shattering a world record only a week after your competitor. Read more at The Thrillist

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