Daniel Durgin of Sea-Gar Charters had an interesting find recently.

Wednesday afternoon when the fisherman checked his traps he found a female lobster with a full-grown third claw.

Daniel Durgin, Sea-Gar Charters
Daniel Durgin, Sea-Gar Charters

Dan Durgin runs Sea-Gar Charters in Wells Maine. He has five traps set up in the bay to show people how to catch lobsters.

He said the lobster likely lost its left claw at some point while fighting other lobsters and as a result, it grew one claw off the other.

Durgin said, “This was in one of the traps. In my 15 to 20 years, I’ve never seen a three-clawed lobster before. Makes it look a little more ominous to the other lobsters.”

He estimated the lobster to weigh about a pound and a half and says all three claws do work.

Durgin thought about throwing the lobster back but decided to donate it to a nearby aquarium so kids can see and learn from it.

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