Rage Against The Machine is back out on tour for the first time in over 10 years, and they might have some security that's too much on top of things.

Saturday night in Toronto, Rage was playing their last song - Killing In The Name Of, when a fan in a red shirt jumped onto the stage. Security was on top of it, and rushed the guy to make a tackle.

The problem is, the guy jumped off of a flight case just as the security guy dropped his shoulder, and went over the security guard - who continued momentum straight into Tom Morello.

The mis-tackle took Morello and the security guard off the stage to the ground between the stage and barrier. Meanwhile, the fan in the shirt can be seen trying to slip back into the crowd because he knows he done messed up.

After Morello hit the ground, things got pretty quiet, and after a dramatic pause, he got up and waved to the crowd, who went wild.

Truly, the security guy did a pretty good job of reacting before the guy, and he wouldn't have had much of a chance to cause any harm - had he actually landed the tackle on the right guy.

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So far on their tour, they're having a good run - Zack de la Rocha hurt his leg on the second stop of the tour and has to sit for most of the set now, and now Tom Morello got tackled off the stage and a few feet down to the ground.

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