We're closing in on the final days before Iowa Legend Carson King closes his Venmo account in a few days, and when we talked to him on Monday he said he was shooting for a Grand Total of around $2.25M.

He's been quiet lately with updates since The Des Moines Register  put out an article earlier this week uncovering some unflattering internet content from when he was 16. But that hasn't stopped the donations from pouring in.

In an act of defiance towards Cancel Culture Iowans have been donating in solidarity with the man from Altoona, IA who plans on donating the entirety of his Venmo account the the University of Iowa Stead Family Children's Hospital next week.

Well the great folks over at RAGBRAI want to help him reach his goal. RAGRAI Director, TJ Juskiewicz, just pledged $50,000 to Carson's account.

Read their full statement below.

This just keeps growing and we hope he reaches his goal on Monday.

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