It's the first day of summer, here's a list of tips from eye doctors about how to protect your eyes from the sun.


The first tip is don't stare at it, which you probably knew. But here are a few more that might be a little more helpful:

  1. Don't assume your car windows protect your eyes. A recent study found windshields block about 96% of UV rays. But side windows only block 70%. You should always wear sunglasses if you're driving while it's sunny out.
  2. You get the best protection if you wear sunglasses and a hat. Some UV rays can still sneak in through the sides of your sunglasses, so the extra shade helps.
    When you buy sunglasses, make sure the label either says "UV400" or "100% UV protection." How dark the lenses are doesn't matter.
  3. Check the labels on your medications. Antibiotics make you more vulnerable to UV rays, so birth control pills can too. So you might have to be even more careful about wearing sunglasses and sunblock.

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