Talked to Glenn Cole from Geneseo Brewing Co about what they're doing during the COVID-19 shutdown.  Luckily for him...he brews by himself mostly so he's able to finish up whatever he already had brewing.  Since things are obviously slower than normal he's not able to brew on the full scale GBC equipment so he's doing a home brew on the back of his porch.

Viruses don't stop fermentation.

Craft QC has their website updated for all the different hours and availability of food  of all the different breweries around the QCs.  Food & Beer is important during trying times.

Glenn says check with your specific brewery before you return/refill your growlers.

He also talked about a global collaboration with Other Half Brewing in Brooklyn, NY sharing an IPA recipe that is being made by many breweries with the sole purpose of sharing the proceeds to help local service workers.  Complete with a label printing company that will print the beer labels at cost. Many breweries will be a part of this and as soon as we get some around here we will certainly let you know.

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