In this leg of the Midwest, we're pretty proud of our minor league hockey teams, especially being we don't have any pro-hockey teams.

An article published Sunday highlighted 10 different minor league hockey teams because of the creativity of their logos.

The author, , said after seeing the logo of the East Coast Hockey League Team, the Trois-Rivières Lions. He was impressed by their logo, and it sent him into looking at logos from teams that aren't within the NHL.

His first highlight on the list was the Quad City Storm!

QC Storm
QC Storm

"A team known as the Storm probably could have been able to get by with a logo of simply some dark clouds and lightning. I'm very thankful that's not the case here," Avry wrote. "The choice to have the logo of Quad City's current hockey team be an angry tornado is next-level creativity. Even better, the storm is missing a tooth and has a stick made out of lightning! I would love to know how a hockey-playing tornado developed teeth and also had a tooth checked out of its mouth. Quad City deserves full marks for giving quite a bit of personality to the logo."

Also highlighted was the logo of Iowa City's new minor league team, the Iowa Heartlanders.

Iowa Heartlanders
Iowa Heartlanders

"The choice of a very majestic buck as a logo with yellow antlers is one of the more unique animal choices among pro hockey teams today," Avery said. "When it comes to animal logos, who said every color involved in the animal has to be authentic to real life?"

You can check out the full list at Sports Illustrated

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