It's no secret that the Quad City Storm are having a record season, and it is a sad ordeal that the games are away for the rest of the season, minus their March 26th matchup. However, the team's management has come up with a solution, thanks to a partnership with Crawford Brew Works.

At Crawford Brew Works this Friday night, you can hang out with other Quad City Storm fans and watch as the team travels to Knoxville, Tennessee for a weekend series against the Knoxville Ice Bears.

The Quad City Storm are currently in fourth place for the league's regular season, just six points behind Knoxville's third-place standing and eight points behind the Hunstville Havoc's first-place standing.

Four points are up for grabs for the Storm this weekend, and the Storm are currently in a 1-1 lock against Knoxville in their playing history this season.

The watch party is on Friday, March 11th at Crawford Brew Works located at 3659 Devils Glen Rd, Bettendorf, IA.

Quad City Storm just celebrated 25 Years of Hockey with a big win over the Evansville Thunderbolts last Saturday night.

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