The gifts the kids unwrapped are barely broken in yet, but it won't be long before you hear someone say, "I'm bored."

I have a solution for you. First, use it as a teachable moment to help kids see an unlimited amount of stuff isn't going to keep them happy. After that, here's a way to keep the kids busy without breaking the bank some more.

The Family Museum, 2900 Learning Campus Drive, Bettendorf is offering a week filled with seasonal games and activities and the theme is Boredom Busters. There's an activity for everyone and the fun starts today.

The Imagination Studio allows kids to use recycled items, glue guns, tape, scissors, paint, markers, crayons, and clay and work at the museum's workbenches with real tools. 

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Kids can play an inflatable billiard game or soccer and learn to build a snowflake volcano.

As part of the week's festivities to celebrate the new year, the Family Museum is teaming up with award-winning musician Jim Gill on an art project based on his book May There Always Be Sunshine. Children will be asked to draw what they hope there will always be in their lives. Some examples are "May there always be pizza" or "May there always be mama." It's whatever they hope for. 

Activities start Monday, Dec., 27 thru Friday, Dec. 31. You can get a complete list of activities and details here. 

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