Adolph's Mexican Foods has been in the Quad Cities for quite some time now, becoming a staple stop for Mexican food on the Illinois side of the area.

For a few years, they've had a food challenge that I recently became aware of, and it's one of those that, if completed, you get it for free.

The challenge is to eat a seven-pound Spicy Pork burrito in 30 minutes or less by yourself.

It sounds easy, but not many have finished.

I mean, look at this thing. It comes in a catering pan, because that's the only thing it'll fit in.

The burrito costs $29.99, so be sure you don't eat anything before you head over to eat this absolute beast.

Most of us think, "I could do that," but the average meal an American eats is a little over a pound, so you'll be cramming yourself full of about 7 meals.

You don't necessarily have to eat it all in one sitting, perhaps you want to meal prep out your next week's worth of food. $29.99 split into seven meals is less than $5 a day for lunch.

This deal is only available at the East Moline location. Before you head over for the burrito, give Adolph's a call to make sure they've got the ingredients they need to make it for you, at 309-755-8427.

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