We were discussing the closing of an "illegal crash pad" at Logan Airport, and while trying to understand what these people were going through, opened the phone lines to local flight crew members. That's when Elizabeth called.

Elizabeth explained that the crash pads near the airports were used especially by those who were on call, waiting nearby to be called in to fill in for someone who is sick, or for whatever reason they might not be able to come.

When on-call, you can't go home from your home hub most of the time, because in a lot of situations, you commute an hour to the airport, and the airline needs you there sooner than that. So, you get a crash pad with other flight attendants to make things easier.

That answered our question, but while we had her on the phone, we went through the questions on our minds, like who was the worst celebrity she met, and who was the kindest.

Elizabeth told us that she was able to be on the fight crew for a flight Julie Andrews was on.


"You look at the passenger manifest, and you're like 'Oh my god, it's Mary Poppins," she said.

She explained that Andrews was the kindest when she spoke with her.

Elizabeth explained that her daughter's favorite movie was Mary Poppins. "The first song she ever learned was 'Up on a hill was a lonely goatherd," which she sang. To Julie Andrews.

She said she stopped, embarrassed, and said "Oh my god, tell me I didn't just sing for Julie Andrews."

So, Julie asked Elizabeth for her address, and a few weeks later, a signed photo showed up for Stefani, correct spelling and all.

Elizabeth Rose
Elizabeth Rose

It's awesome to see celebrities that acknowledge their fans in a way that's respectful and downright grateful, because the ones who know, without fans they'd be nowhere, know how to treat people right.

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