David Adams and his friends got together over the weekend to watch the Olympics and have a cigar, when they decided to host their own version of the games.

The idea was simple: Order pizza from five different restaurants, and award the drivers in the order of their arrival. The prize waiting for the winner was a gold medal, flowers, and a hefty tip.

David Adams
David Adams

Adams and the group decided on their five restaurants, which also appear in their placement:

  1. Pizza Hut
  2. Lopiez
  3. Marco's
  4. Papa John's
  5. Uncle Bill's

They had the driver's come through the side of the house to the backyard, where the crew was waiting patiently. The first driver to arrive was with Pizza Hut, and she wasn't expecting anything out of the ordinary for a delivery.

As she walked into the yard, Olympic Fanfare and Theme began to play as they instructed her to stand on the second stair of the porch and awarded her a medal and flowers.

The driver was wearing a mask, but the smile on her face was obvious. When she received the grand prize, a $100 tip, she started to cry.

To add to the gift, the driver told the group she wasn't feeling well before work and nearly called off of her shift.

After a hard year finally starts to let up, it's great that this group decided to come together and make a difference for this gal.

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