The Quad City Air Show's return after a short hiatus is just a little over a week away, and your favorite radio station has tickets for you!

Saturday June 24th and Sunday June 25th, the skies will be full of planes showing off what they're capable of, and the Davenport Municipal Airport taxiway will be full of nearly 200 displays of kick-butt aviation sensation.

Throughout the day, multiple air demonstrations will take place, and the Quad Cities Air Show is one of less than a handful of shows in the world that will be seeing the USAF Thunderbirds AND the F-22 Raptor Demo Team in one day.

Singapore Airshow 2020 Media Preview
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Captain Samuel RaZZ Larson pilots the F-22, and he's on home turf for this show. Capt. Larson attended his first air show at six months old - at the Quad City Air Show. After graduating from Bettendorf High School, he went on to the Air Force Academy.

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The Canadian Sky Hawks Parachute Team is the Canadian Forces Parachute Demonstration Team, and they'll be acting as ambassadors for their military and country as they jump from their plane down to the runway.

Also appearing is crowd favorite Aftershock, the jet-powered truck that can race planes.

You can pick up your tickets through the Quad City Air Show website, at the gate, or by listening to your favorite radio station.

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