After the United States Air Force Thunderbirds announced their upcoming schedules, we noticed immediately that Davenport was listed for a show in 2023.

As you can see, on the June 24-25 weekend, the Thunderbirds will be here for a show. Typically, when the aerobatic groups like the Thunderbirds come through the Quad City area, that means there's an air show.

However, the 2020, 2021, and 2022 shows were all cancelled due to COVID and the affected time needed for planning.

The Quad City Air Show's Wikipedia page mentioned the same thing, showing the Thunderbirds as a 2023 headliner.


Quad City Air Show 2023 Confirmation:

We reached out to Ken Hopper, the Chairman, Founder and Air Boss for the Quad City Air Show, who confirmed that there will be a 2023 show.

While there are still many details to work out, the 2023 Quad City Air Show will in fact feature a performance by the United States Air Force.

Ken told us that he was somewhat caught off guard when the Thunderbirds announced their show because he hadn't heard an official confirmation from the team if they'd be here or not, but he's excited about the performance and show in general.

Listen: Ken Hopper Confirms 2023 Air Show:

A staple in the Quad City Air Shows, we asked Ken if he had any ideas on whether or not Shockwave would be in attendance for the show. He told us that he's in talks with the current owners of the jet-powered semi and he hopes to have the iconic truck on the runway for the 2023 show.

Stay tuned for more information on this show. It may be 18 months away, but it's definitely some pretty exciting news after three years without hearing the sound of jets blasting around the Quad Cities.

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