WQAD's Meteorologist and Texas A&M graduate, Effrage Davis, couldn't contain her excitement when she got the news that Texas A&M beat Alabama this weekend, and she's going viral.

Effrage sat next to Devin Brooks during the 10 o'clock news, obviously excited about something.

“Effrage is really focused on the Texas A&M and Alabama game," Devin explained before Effrage jumped in.

“We’re tied right now,” she said, “it’s 38-38. We have the ball, there’s like a minute left we just need to eat the time and get into field goal range. It will be the first time we beat Alabama since Johnny Manziel.”

As she stands in front of the map to give the forecast, see if you can spot the moment she finds out about the game-winning kick.

Effrage says "Although we're getting a lot of rain this week, I thought I'd let you guys know-" before her eyes move away from the camera and to someone behind it. She starts screaming, and waving her hands in excitement before trying to continue her forecast.

We found out that not only is Effrage making headlines around the US, but she was even featured in a broadcast on an Australian news network.

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