On Saturday in Atlanta, Delta Air Lines Flight 982 was moments from taking off from the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport on Saturday when one of the wheels fell off of the plane.

The plane, a Boeing 757, had 172 passengers - as well as two pilots and four crew members - and was headed for Bogotá, the capitol of Columbia, Delta said. Passengers were removed from the plane and later put on a replacement flight. No injuries were reported.

"Delta Flight 982 ATL/BOG was taxiing for departure when a nose gear tire came loose from the landing gear," Delta said in a statement Wednesday. "All customers and their bags were removed from the aircraft, transferred to the gate and onto a replacement aircraft. We apologize to our customers for the inconvenience."

The plane was back in service later the next day.

Listener Amanda's plane was in line to take off for her own trip when she watched the wheel roll by, and was able to snap a photo of the plane stuck on the runway awaiting a tow.

Amanda Alongi
Amanda Alongi

Amanda called Dwyer & Michaels to talk about witnessing this, listen to her interview here:

Twitter user Matt Cochran caught a video of the plane being towed for service.

Read more at NBC News

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