Oh man...can you feel that?  The weather is getting better and the live events are popping up more and more!  Live music is back!  A ton of things happening all week long.  Just remember not to get too drunk on Saturday because your mom's gonna be mad if you're hung over for Easter.

Here’s what’s going on this weekend! Support your local musicians, bars & servers in any way you know how.  Even if it's contributing to paypal/venmo to your favorite band. Here's a full list of who's where...or at least the list I found. If we missed you just let us know. This list is, of course, subject to change...but here's what we have at the moment!

Jef Spradley @ Faithful Pilot Kitchen and Bar
WNOJ feature artist #149 Molly Durnin @ Bent River, RI
Taylor N Timbrook @ Fields Bar, East Moline
Scott Stowe @ GypsyHighway

Molly Durnin @ O'Keefe's Irish Pub, Moline
Ed James @ Faithful Pilot
Doug Brundies @ Twin Span Brewing
Ky & Ty Acoustic Duo @ Green Tree Brewery

Fair Warning @ Parkside
Ginger Roots @ Green Tree Brewery
Don Gustofson @ Hawkeye Sports Bar & Grill
MD Moncada @ Front Street Brewing
Zach Matthews Band in the Rhythm Room @ Rhythm City Casino
Code 415 @ GypsyHighway

Angela Meyer @ The Lucky Frog Bar and Grill
Doug Brundies @ Galena Brewing Company Moline Ale House
MD Moncada @ Midwest Grilling Supplies Grand Opening Event, Davenport
Abbynormal @ Hawkeye Sports Bar & Grill
BanD Acoustic @ Bootleg Hill
Lake & Lyndale in the Rhythm Room @ Rhythm City Casino
Jim Ryan Acoustic @ TUGGERS


April 3
1st Impression @ Gypsy Highway

April 10
Danger Zone @ Gypsy Highway
Vital Signs @ City Limits, Viola, IL

April 17th
Vital Signs @ The Woodshed, Monmouth, IL.

May 15
Danger Zone @ Harley Corin's

June 25
Danger Zone @ The Hawkeye

July 3
Danger Zone @ Kavanaugh's

July 17
Danger Zone @ The Pub, Milan

Aug 8
Danger Zone @ The Captain's Table, Moline

Aug 14
Danger Zone @ Gypsy Highway

Aug 21
Danger Zone @ Victory Lane, Clarence

Aug 28
Danger Zone @ Kavanaugh's

Sept 18
Danger Zone @ The Captain's Table, Moline

If you have any shows coming up that you'd like to promote here on 97X.com and when we talk about it on the air, let me know.  Just email billstage@97X.com and we'd love to get the word out about live music.  It's been a rough road for bars & bands for the foreseeable future so let me know how we can help.

To add your event, send the info to BillStage@97X.com


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