It was just a couple months ago that Michaels and I were talking about how there are some places in larger cities that offer IV's for people with hangovers.

Now I've had multiple IV treatments, and they take awhile--so some of these clinics are set up like a living room. So you and your buddies are doing this like it's a boat tour? Sitting around talking about how you can't control your drinking?

Well, there's one coming to Bettendorf. My wife showed me on Wednesday that iV Bars Quad Cities is coming soon to a location on Devil's Glen Rd in Bettendorf in the same building that houses Coffee Hound and Peachwave.

Turns out that it's not just for hangovers too. According to their website they're not just for hangovers, but they offer many options for everything from cleanses to pain relief to sports therapy to detoxing, with the average price of about $125.

It looks like their ribbon cutting ceremony will be coming up next month. I'm really looking forward to seeing how this adds to the Quad Cities. In the meantime head over to their Instagram page and give them a follow.

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