There's a new game on your Android device that allows you to play in a virtual world along side places like Mac's Tavern, Doodads, New Styles, and Me & Billy's.

I talked with William Ellis, from Moline, Illinois.  Over the past 4 years he's been pushing a game he's built set here in the Quad Cities. In the game you use your water weapon to defeat trolls and obstacles and collect microphones to unlock players and levels.

How’d you come up with the idea?

I came up with the idea from wanting to create a positive project for kids in the Quad Cities that connects everyone thru our hometown love.

What’s your background in this arena?

I am a graphic designer that went thru YouTube university😂 and taught myself for 6yrs along with my life long friend Sedrick Mcdowell and my wife Amber Young.

What was your inspiration?

I wanted to show that we have our own Hollywood our own Pzy is Iowa's leading rapper/ Miguel Rosas Wahl Clipper educator and NewStyle owner/ Aaron Shivers Comedian/ Relic The don of Timeless. We make up a small part of a bigger plan to bring positive creativity back to the Quad Cities.

Any favorite games as a kid?

Favorite game as a kid you can tell no question🌟Mario bros 3👑

What is the future of Tha Come Up?

One day I would like to acquire sponsors to have digital coupons that are achievements. Like Whiteys [where] you get a free ice cream cone when you collect 1k microphones. A digital code pops up.

What would you like people to know about your project?

This project will have every genre of music hiphop, r&b, country, blues, jazz, rock n roll etc. More to come next levels in Davenport Iowa downtown.

Download on Google Play available on only Android and Windows products. The game is Free!! Dig out the tablets and laptops!

Tha Come Up Android App / William Ellis, Views In Motion
Tha Come Up Android App
William Ellis, Views In Motion

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