Joshua Bently reached out to me on the Facebook and mentioned that Bandcamp is showing their artists some love on Friday.  We've been meaning to do an interview for his new band Pitch Black Manor but our schedules haven't synced up in order to do that.  October seems like a great time to do that.  As you listen below, you'll see why.

Pitch Black Manor, the Quad Cities first goth rock band, back from the dead 25 years later! Reformed during the pandemic to put together "Monster Classics" 13 haunted Halloween tracks coming straight out of the coffin! Halloween party music for Halloween party people! Pitch Black Manor is back and even more in touch with all things that go bump in the night!

But if you're looking for an online way to support QC musicians...this Friday, Bandcamp is waiving all fees to help out artists. According to TechCrunch.comMarch 20th raked in an impressive $4.3 million for musicians....which is the biggest numbers they've ever seen at Bandcamp.

"The earnings from music and merchandise amounted to 15x Bandcamp’s normal haul for a 24-hour period, with 11 items being sold per second."

On August 4, 2020 you can help your neighbors by purchasing from their albums or singles online. Some of them have prices in place while others have a "name your price" option.  Either way...100% of the proceeds will go directly to the band on these days specifically.

So, if you're itching to get out & support local have that opportunity.  If you want to be tentative about public spaces...this is a perfect way to help out those that need it. 

Here's a short list below of some of the local bands that will get some extra love from bandcamp.  In face, they typically collects 15% of sales from digital music and 10% from physical goods and for these days specifically, they'll give that money directly to the artist.

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