One of the best memories of my childhood is going to the drive in.  They'd make you pay for each my cousin, sister & I would hide underneath blankets in the back of the car so it would cost less.  Of course we'd be sure to keep my dad's cooler of beer and my mom's pallet of snacks covered too.

Then, once we were safely smuggled into the joint we'd go play on the swings before the movie started.  It was always a double feature...we only ever made it through the 1st movie.

So, with the social distancing rules in place...nostalgia isn't the only reason that drive in's are a great idea.  Sure, the swings are closed...they're limiting people in the concession stand and it's gonna feel weird...but what doesn't these days.

61 Drive-In (South of Maquoketa on Hwy 61) is playing TROLLS WORLD TOUR AND SONIC THE HEDGEHOG.  No Grilling or Pets...BUT they let you bring snacks.

Vehicles MUST park 6 feet distance have to stay in your vehicles or sit directly in front of your vehicles during showtime.  Only one customer will be allowed in the concession stand at a time and will only have a limited menu.

There will be a limit for the restrooms and are encouraging you to wear a mask when you're closer to others.

Blue Grass Drive-In is now open seven days a week. We will be adding more weekly events so keep an eye out. This event is for Trolls World Tour followed by Sonic the Hedgehog.

Midway Drive In in Dixon Il is playing “GREASE” & “FERRIS BUELLERS DAY OFF” showing Fri May 22 – Tues. May 26, 2020. They're pre-selling tickets for 200 vehicles and every vehicle needs to purchase a Food Permit so you can bring your own food and drinks as the concession stand is closed until further notice.

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