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Our first guest is Mr. Will Helixon.  Will is a criminal defense attorney.  He is also a Lieutenant Colonel in the U.S. Army Reserve, serving as a Judge Advocate.  Will has decades of experience in courtrooms as a prosecutor and defense attorney.  In addition, he held the position of Brigade Judge Advocate for the famed 173rd Airborne Division.

We discussed military justice in general, recent developments in the Uniform Code of Military Justice, UCMJ, and the process of upgrading military discharges.  The last point is of particular interest to our Veterans' community due to the benefits associated with Honorable and General (under honorable conditions) discharges.  We had a terrific conversation and barely scratched the service of these important issues.  We hope to have Will back on the show.

While we do not make formal endorsements on our show, Will is available to consult with Veterans and military members about his services.  Here is how to contact Will's law firm if you would like more information.

Our second guest was Mr. Brad Synder.  Brad was interviewed by our friends Greg Dwyer and Bill Michaels on their show Wednesday morning.  Here is a link to download their interview.

A Naval Academy graduate, commissioned Naval officer, Explosive Ordinance Disposal, EOD, and decorated combat Veteran.  While serving our nation in Afghanistan, he was blinded by an improved explosive device.  Brad embarked on a series of grueling and intensive surgeries that while saving his life, were unable to save his vision.  In fact, both of Brad's current eyes are prosthetic.

While Brad's military career was over, a new one lay before him.  As a competitive swimmer at Annapolis, he returned to the pool, this time as a Para-Olympic swimmer.  Exactly one year to the date of his blinding injury upon the battlefield, Brad won a Gold Medal.  He has gone on to medal many more times.

Brad was the keynote speaker at the 2017 Eastern Iowa/Western Illinois Veterans' Conference held at St. Ambrose University on March 1st.  The opening photo to these show notes show him addressing the participants.  It was a moving and inspiring presentation, to say the least!

Always in search of a new challenge, he is now pursuing triathlons.  Something tells me Brad is going to find profound success in this endeavor as well.

Here is a link to his Twitter handle and here is a link to his Facebook page.  Brad's story is told in his book, Fire In My Eyes.  You can obtain a copy of it from Amazon.

I had a chance to speak with Brad at the conference and we exchanged a bit of good-natured banter about inner-service rivalry.  In all seriousness, it was an honor to meet such an amazing warrior and patriot.  Thank you Brad for sharing your uplifting message of courage, service and commitment!

Brad Synder and Jeno Berta at the 2017 Eastern Iowa/Western Illinois Veterans' Conference.

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