The One Night Standards don't cater to your expectations of what a live band needs to do in order to continuously pull in crowds after 15 years.  Catchy hooks and fancy singalongs are unnecessary when you go completely against the mass populous and play instrumental surf songs.  But not just any instrumental surf songs...kick ASS instrumental surf songs.

And no...there are no lyrics for you to hum to.  No turn of phrase to paint a picture of what the artist was intending.  The One Night Standards impart their feelings through notes and melodies.

That's what makes this episode of QC Songwriter so compelling for me.  How do you transmit emotion without saying a word?

The One Night Standards know the answer.

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Name of the band: The One Night Standards

Member names and what they do:
Scot Haut: Guitar,

Eric Chikken Boy Kranz: Bass

Dave Hughes: Drums and Disagreements

What kind of music you play
Reverb Driven, loud, fast, Instrumental Surf

We come from odd musical backgrounds. Lots of edgy aggressive music, Melvins, Helmet, Slayer, Morphine, Elvis, Flight of the Concords, Primus, NWA, Ramones, 50’s 60’s Rock n Roll, surf, Eddie Betrand, Nokie Edwards, New school instro, Man or Astroman, Deke Dickerson, Southern Culture on the Skids, and a pile of other bands

Where to find your music:

(Bandcamp, SoundCloud, iTunes, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter etc)

Both our full length records can be found at Bandcamp, and Reverbnation. We are working on a new record and some songs that will be on that can be found on Daytrotter and we just recently did a “Skylark Session” for No Budget TV that is on YouTube. We also have a YouTube Channel with lots of live videos.

Where the band is from
We load the trailer and have our annual band practice at my house in Davenport so that seems to be as good of spot as any.

Contact information for booking

Any equipment or product endorsements?
Nope, they haven’t made guitars and amps from the 60’s in 50+ years now.

89The Symco Shakedown Aug 12 & 13th (About 5 hours north of the Quad Cities)
No local gigs for the next couple of months ( Scot is getting married in September)

Have you opened for any regional or national bands?
We have played with a lot of great bands of the years I wish I could remember them all. Dick Dale, Split Lip Rayfield, Junior Brown, Red Elvises, Legendary Shack Shakers, Gore Gore Girls,

Favorite band memory or accomplishment
We do a very good job (mostly) of putting fun over the work. Keeps things like driving for 5 hours doable. We are still going strong after almost 15 years.

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