Friday, December 10, 2021 is the QC Rock Academy's 10 Year Anniversary Party!  Come celebrate at the Village Theatre in Davenport with some incredible student bands:

  • Been There Done That
  • Made Ya Look
  • Crushed Monkey
  • Anthropoid
  • Company Dime
  • None the Less
  • Sleepyhead

Along with many special guests from the past 10 years of QC Rock Academy.

It's an all ages event so grab the family and cheer on these talented kids.

I talked with Greg Hipskind, the owner of QC Rock Academy about the milestone of 10 years in the Quad Cities!

What’s your greatest memory of the academy within the past 10 years?
So many great memories have been made over the years but most of them have happened at our big performances like our Battle Of The Bands each year and watching the kid put on amazing shows. We’ve also had the chance to meet so many bands and artists like KISS, Cheap Trick, Shinedown and many others.

Greatest achievement?
The greatest achievement is simply being able to make it 10 years and teaching so many kids how to play and love music. That’s what its all about really!

An upcoming goal you’re excited about tackling?
Now that we are back to or above our pre-COVID numbers, we are hoping to get up to 400 students weekly (currently around 300) and getting back to doing more performances again. The past 18 months have been tough but things are looking up again.

Tell me about the show on December 10th. Any performance you’re looking forward to the most?
We are celebrating 10 years of the school with a big show featuring all of our student bands. We have some special guests lined up and are bringing back some of our alumni students to play with the current students.

Show will be at the Village Theatre in Davenport, starting at 7:00 that night. Tickets are available only in advance and is getting close to selling out.

Here is the link to buy tickets.

Anything you’d like to promote? Membership specials or lesson?
With the holidays coming up and many people getting new instruments, it’s a perfect time to get someone a gift certificate for lessons. Call us at 563-386-3044 or visit

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