This week...the weekend starts early as Chuck Murphy appears at the Gypsy Highway and Lewis Knudsen plays the Faithful Pilot.  I say we just call it a week.  Are we really going to do much good tomorrow or Friday?  Let's cut our losses and punch out tonight with some live music and get this weekend rolling already, huh?

Here’s what’s going on this weekend! Support your local musicians, bars & servers in any way you know how.  Even if it's contributing to paypal/venmo to your favorite band. Here's a full list of who's where...or at least the list I found. If we missed you just let us know.

This list is, of course, subject to change...but here's what we have at the moment!

Chuck Murphy @ GypsyHighway · Davenport

Lewis Knudsen @ Faithful Pilot Kitchen and Bar · Le Claire, Iowa

Bobby Ray Bunch @ Twin Span Brewing
Open Jam Night@ My Place, Bettendorf
Open Mic Night @ Bootleg Hill Honey Meads
Ky & Ty Practice Session & Mic Night @ Green Tree Brewery · Le Claire

Danger Zone @ The Hawkeye, Davenport
Country Traditions @ Rhythm City Casino · Davenport
Cody Hicks @ Gypsy Highway · Davenport

MD Moncada@ The Mound · Davenpor
Rillera Brothers @ Riverside Casino and Golf Resort · Riverside

Contingency Band @ Rhythm City Casino · Davenport
Jordan Danielsen @ Unimpaired · Davenport
DRR Show @ Harley Corin's · Bettendor
High Five Sinners @ Hook's Pub & Grill · Clinton
Lewis Knudsen @ The Quarry · Bettendorf
Fair Warning @Gypsy Highway · Davenpor
Rob and Gary of The Night People @ Bootleg Hill Honey Meads
Tyler Richton Band @Riverside Casino and Golf Resort · Riverside


If you have any shows coming up that you'd like to promote here on and when we talk about it on the air, let me know.  Just email and we'd love to get the word out about live music.  It's been a rough road for bars & bands for the foreseeable future so let me know how we can help.

To add your event, send the info to

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