Protestors who are against the funding of a new pipeline took to the Chase Bank building in Manhattan to spread their message on Friday.

It was when one protestor began climbing the side of the building that things went from spray painting the building to an injury that might leave him laid up for a few months.

He climbed up the ribbed section of the building to climb onto the eave above the front door, but lost his grip as he attempted to transition to the eave.

The protestor fell about 15-20 feet, landing on his side. A shot from about a minute later shows the paint in his backpack broke open, leaking all over the sidewalk.

Finally, before the video ends, he can be seen on a stretcher being loaded into an ambulance.

The NY Post spoke with the protestor's sister who said his "pelvic area has been shattered in multiple places, and his right elbow is also broken. He won’t be able to move for several months.”

Read more at NY Post

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