Prom From Hell 2019 in the books, and this is my hazy retelling.

Your Honor, the Mississippi Valley Fairgrounds was hopping.  Home to our prom now for the second year, The grounds also became the last-minute flood rescue location for Quad City mother's day tradition Beaux Arts.  We mingled alongside the artists and moms while we set up our bands on Saturday.  Yes, bands--why not do 3 bands when 1 will do? Hangover Rescue Team, Dirt Road Rockers (Finally reunited after a nearly 1-month hiatus!) and The AC/DC show Electric Shock to close out the festivities! And, to answer all your band related questions:  1) Wes cut off all his dreads  2) Michaels did ask the crowd if they were indeed 'Ready to get shocked!' and 3) Of course there were bagpipes.

Here's a little photo gallery:

My apologies to the guy who entered the men's room while I was changing into my Prom wear. Nobody should have to see me on the floor of the bathroom, pants around my ankles, trying to untie one of my shoes while it was stuck inside a pant leg. Sort of like a slow-motion 80's break dancer had a baby with the woman from Misery...

There was also a dog show at the Grounds--but no awards were given there for the category "Party Animal."  Those were all inside the Expo Building, where the revelers donned formals from many different decades.  Some found their inner country, others...well...I don't know what the hell they were wearing.  But if it's party clothes you wanted, there were a LOT of looks to choose from at this year's Prom From Hell!

Screen Shot 2019-05-13 at 12.06.28 AM
Billy Michaels congratulates our King and Queen, Todd and Jennifer who came all the way from Erie, Il. They won $500.00 from Mary's Diamonds and Jewelry in the Village of east Davenport!

Bent River Brewing Company served up a delicious, crisp Backroads Brew made just for Prom, and the food from A Guy And A Grill kept us all full. Somehow between the Backroads Brews, and a Budweiser or two, we all managed to finish a couple bottles of Fireball as well!

Some new friends joined us for photos, the Event Loft has a set up that allowed us to print  prom photos right there, with a choice of backgrounds, and colors! The pickup truck from Steve LeMaster (A featured car in the Dwyer & Michaels Classic Car Calendar) was a hit!

But the story is always about you--the lunatics who come out for a night of great times!  Michaels and I sure love catching up with everyone, just like it's real Prom...maybe you'll see yourself in the photos!  And if you're not in these pics, then we'll have to see you next year!

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