There's more of everything at this year's Prom From Hell.  First off: We dropped the price tag to $15 (More money in your pocket!)

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We added back your official Prom photo!  One of the best things about Prom was the ONE official photo you got on the way out!  Sure, you can Snap, and Chat, and Instagram all your pics, but there's something about an 8x10 glossy record of your goofy behavior that adds to the magic.  Well, it's back, baby!  Thanks to our friends at The Camera Corner, the pic of you at the beginning of the night will be available for pick-up on your way out as the cover of "Prom From Hell" magazine--with you and your date the King and Queen!

Your official Prom From Hell pint glass from Bent River Brewing Co. will have not only the Prom Theme (Which is still a secret until next week!) on it--but you can put special Prom From Hell Beer IN it, thanks to their brewing devilishness.  A special beer because we all have special needs!  The need for Beer!  We'll have plenty of free food from the Holiday Inn to wash down those beers!

And...your special Prom From Hell "Welcome" prize (Which we can't tell you because of the theme...which is secret until next week!) awaits you and your date.  Or group.  It sounds like a lot of you are coming in groups, which is cool!  The special room rate at the Holiday Inn Rock Island is based on double occupancy--and I don't think they have an orgy rate.  But I will check.

Finally--and Most Awesomely, we can now announce the bands! Yes, you read that right, bands!  We confirmed them last week, but waited until today so we could thank the bands who would NOT be playing before they heard it on the street.  With more bands, we will be  starting the dance floor early, and going longer--'til 1AM!  Soul Storm will kick off the night, followed by the guys from Dirt Road Rockers!  We're so excited to have these guys on board!  We wanted a little variety for this year's Prom, and after Lynn Allen decided to not do this year's gig, we were overwhelmed by the amount, and quality, of bands who wanted to play this party!  And that's what it's all about--the party! Speaking of party--I forgot to mention the THIRD band!  Yep--for the first time ever 3 BANDS at Prom from Hell, with the last being a Midnight set that you won't want to miss from a band who we're keeping a secret while they tie up a few last strings!  But Dudes--I am serious.  We got so lucky!

If you've never been to a prom, or our PROM, this is the year to go. If you have been, please come back--this is the one they'll be talking about! Save May 6th on your calendar--you have plans!  Can't wait to see you all!  More details about our awesome theme, ticket info, hotel code, and the full band line-up next week on the show!

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