Party City is showing what their predictions are for the top selling costumes this year.

Turns out, 96% of parents are still planning on celebrating Halloween, but 7 in 10 are also looking for alternatives to trick or treating.

So what are the top sellers going to be this year?

  1. Horror Movie Characters- Kids are stuck inside watching movies, so they're bound to want to be Michael Myers, Jason Voorhees, or Freddy Krueger.
  2. Video Game Characters- These kids already know the "Fortnite" dances, so I'm sure those'll be big this year.
  3. Everyday Heroes- Police, Fire, Nurses, Doctors
  4. Characters from Frozen- The sequel came out after Halloween this last year.
  5. Tiger King Costumes- Joe Exotic and Carole Baskin are going to be popular, but I'd probably go more for Erik Cowie. More natural that way.
  6. Wonder Woman Characters
  7. Birds of Prey Characters
  8. Skeletons
  9. Undead Stuff- Zombies, vampires, and Day of the Dead costumes
  10. Politicians- It is an election year, if you didn't know.

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